Sayyid Shams al-Hasan, a resident of Galawati, under the municipality of Riwan, expressed his sorrow over not acquiring any waridat (supernatural occurrences and experiences). Hadrat wrote the following reply to him. This concise and comprehensive letter is worthy of being written in gold.

To Sayyid Shams al-Hasan Sahib, may Allah protect him. As-salamu' alaykum.

I received your letter and was pleased to hear that you are well. All praise is due to Allah, I and my associates are all well. You are constant with your twelve tasbihs (1200) of Alhamdulillah, but you are expressing remorse over the fact that you are not experiencing any waridat and halat (conditions). This is most sorrowful. Do you consider this bounty of Allah to be insignificant when He inspired you and enabled you to engage in twelve tasbihs of His dhikr through His kindness and affection to you? Dhikr is a document attesting to wilayat (close affinity and friendship with Allah). The person who is given the inspiration to engage in dhikr is as if he has received the certificate of wilayat. Conditions and waridat are neither the objectives nor are they experienced by every person. This is merely a child's play and desiring this is futile. You should be extremely grateful to Allah, for this wonderful condition of yours and do not consider this bounty to be insignificant. Expressing gratitude over a bounty results in additional bounties, while ingratitude results in withdrawal of bounties. May Allah save us from ungratefulness. That is all.


Khalil Ahmed
1st Shabaan 1344AH

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